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If this was a real blog, I might want to have article specific CSS or JS that only loaded on pages that needed it. I’m using code from JavaScript Kit to do that. So now, the CSS for “Not A Full Deck” will only load when it appears on a page.

So I guess the next step would be to start pushing individual entries into an archive. Not sure I want to do that by hand, but I don't really want anything fancy.


I’m trying out this HTML5 stuff using HTML5 Boilerplate. It provides a basic set of styles and some javascript to provide a good foundation for HTML5 sites.

Nothing fancy right now, just trying to make sure that everything fits with how HTML5 wants to work. Using UTF, so special symbols should work without using codes: ∑, π, ∆, ©.


  • With all the social networks and web services today, it may seem silly to still run a personal website...
  • ... but I’m keeping this thing around to make some experiments.